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    Cool Yellowstones Investments 2.9%-3.8% every day!

    Yellowstones Investments 2.9%-3.8% every day!

    We are a HYIP, that means « High Yield Investment Program ».
    We offert very high rates, but we invest in very high risk activities.
    We want to remain anonymous, as we let you invest as anonymous investors.
    We build our credibility from the quality of our services.
    Our actual investments are 50% in sports bets, and 50% in diamonds import/export.
    Sports bets give 5% to 12% per days, but the risk is very very high.
    Diamonds business give an average of 2% to 6% per days. The risk is lower, but transaction may take times to be completed.
    When a loose occurs (more often in sports bets), it can take 5 to 20 days before we earn money again. This is why we offer a maximum of 3,8%/daily.
    We built a reserve of around 75% of the total amount invested from our members (this is anough to support 20 days without any earn). If we earn more money, we keep it, as our salary.
    We hope that you will appreciate to make business with us. We are a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program).
    Your can invest by choosing one of our 4 plans:
    Plan 1: 10$ - 249$: 2,9%/day
    Plan 2: 250$ - 999$: 3,2%/day
    Plan 3: 1 000$ - 2 499$: 3,6%/day
    Plan 4: 2 500 – 10 000$: 3,8%/day
    General rules:
    All transaction are made by E-Gold:(
    Minimum investment: 10$
    Maximum investment: 10 000$
    We paid 7 days a week
    Funds are available at any time.
    Minimum withdrawall: 2$
    We hope that you will enjoy your investment experience with us.

    *Earn 2.9%-3.8% every day Yellowstones Investments

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    yellowstones really good....

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    there is already a complete forum dedicated to here on the rolclub board. Go post all your good comments there ;)

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