Hopefully this post does not break any rules, just looking for a little help.

An open call to all members:

It has been said “one can find anything on the internet”, so I going to try.

My wife is a very talented woman with 20 years of experience in the PR and Marketing industry. Her education includes graduating sum cum laude, training at the FBI academy
and completing everything but sitting for the bar exam, obviously she is intelligent. Hey she married me. O, did I mention she built and owned an international production company that represented some of the largest musical groups of the 90’s.

Anyway, she has decided to reenter the work force from retirement after giving birth to our beautiful baby girl. So I am turning to you the internet entrepreneurs to help find her employment. Relocating is an option depending on where and the terms.

I would appreciate all of you good people to spread the word. If someone or some company wants to have a copy of her resume’ or to get additional information please e-mail me at [email protected].

I will be posting this open call on a number of different forums, so please forgive the redundancy.

Thanks for all the help.