You are not born with the ability to manage your money wisely. It actually takes time, training, and character to learn how to handle money correctly.

Most probably, at school, you never took a “personal financial affairs” class, and no one taught you early on how to save and invest wisely; however, some people have figured out by themselves how it all works and what it takes to make lots of money.

Are you one of them? If you can relate to most of the following 15 indicators, you can be sure that you have mastered the art of making money:

1. You pay your credit card bill in full each month and never pay interests.

2. Even though you may hear otherwise everywhere, you know that the $30 it costs to fill your car’s gas tank is cheaper in today’s dollar than the $15 it cost 20 years back.

3. The only kind of life insurance you would ever consider buying is a term policy.

4. You would never invest in something just because of a hot tip you got from a friend or family member.

5. You are not blindly sold on the fact that the English composition course offered by the Chic University for $1000 is a lot better than a similar course offered by the town’s local college for $50.

6. The car you drive has been fully paid for.

7. Every November, you are fairly clear about how much income tax you will have to pay.

8. If you hear that the S&P Index hits a record high, you don’t feel the urge to get your broker on the phone to ask him to buy.

9. You are not able to understand why someone in their right mind would buy a timeshare property.

10. You don’t know anything about the option market, and are not planning on learning.

11. Every time you are negotiating a purchase and qualify for a discount, you ask for it.

12. You contribute as high as possible to your retirement funds.

13. No matter what wristwatch you wear, a $15,000 Rolex or a $60 Swatch, you acknowledge that all wristwatches are battery-operated, have a similar quartz movement, and all of them will tell you the time with excellent accuracy.

14. You can’t understand why someone would buy a lottery ticket.

15. You can’t remember the last time you borrowed money for an emergency.

If these indicators do not match your thinking, you are not in full control of your money and you should start looking for some guidance.

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