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    Default,non greedy, serious investors opps

    I believe opps that dont need the referral % are more than likely real opps!!! but opps that ONLY takes limited funds, limited members, no forum, no referral are even better.... crjfinance IS that kind of an opportunity....

    Well after FLO, IT4us, RJHI and VIP.....the 3, 4,8, 200% a Day CRAP is over..I prefer being paid at 5,8 or 10% a week than being a virtual millionaire, which I have been 3 times this year by the way!!!
    and get NOTHING!!!

    So for those serious, non greedy, wise is a very good deal.
    they will really close after their 100 or 150K allowed global invested funds....they use only egold.

    welcome to the club guys.

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    Default the last 2 updates

    2006-07-22 Update from Algeria.

    Dear Members,

    I am writing this newsletter from Algeria as we just arrived from our 7 days meetings in Dubai.
    Today is Sunday, and a good day for myself and Tom to re-evaluate our opportunity presented to all of you.

    As it is stated on our website, our desire is to take a maximum global investment of 150K. However due to the amount of work that is required to manage the program on a daily basis such as:
    - monitoring egold funds (" The funds are not sitting in our egold, when you make a deposit, we have to physically remove the funds from our egold account and add it to our own investments. When the period is complete, I have to reverse the process again, from our investments to our e-gold account and back to your account to pay your profit (time consuming) " )
    - answering admin email as fast as possible.
    - Keeping our Members informed by writing Newsletters

    All of this takes a lot of work from our daily business routine. So Myself and Tom have decided to cut the maximum global investment fund to 100K. We believe that it is better having a smaller amount and then allow it to grow with our present investors if they choose to compound it.
    It makes more sense for us as we can keep the same number of members and limit our daily work.

    We have never run an online program before and we have never expected that our offer to manage 150K will go that fast. Our first 10 days in operation saw us booked the first 45K and 3 days after our second Newsletter announcing the 50K, we have now 65K.

    So from today, we will ONLY take 35K more, before closing our doors temporarily.

    Temporarily, means that we may have an opportunity later on to open the doors again. There is only one reason for us to re-open our door later, and it will be that the maximum global fund is again below 90 or 100K. Each member is allowed at the end of their 30 days period to leave us with his/her investment and interest, depending on who will re-invest or withdraw, we will have the possibility to review our position.

    Our aim is to help a few on-line members to earn an extra income within the limited fund that we are prepared to take, thats all we can do. Our business requires us to travel a lot and constantly meeting our customers. We can not cut that out, as it is our main source of income.

    You can always reach us via email if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Scott Britt
    C.R.J.Finance admin
    __________________________________________________ ___________
    2006-08-04 Update latest.

    Hello Members,

    First, we would like to say Welcome to our newest members. Glad to have you onboard with us.

    In this update, we have a small change that we're going to make in our program, and want to go over it with all of you.

    As you all know, this is our first time running an online project of this nature, and with the help of Richard, we are very clear on most everything now.

    When we first opened our site, we said we would return your principal, along with the interest monthly. After running some figures, and assesing the situation, it became very obvious to us that, this is not the way to do it. We have had many of you email us, saying that you want to keep your principal in our business, and only take out the monthly interest.

    We asked ourselves, why move 100k out monthly, just to have it returned to us? It is very time consuming, and costs us money to do it this way. Bank wires, Exchanger fees...etc

    What we're going to do starting now, is send your profits to your E Gold account monthly.

    You can request your principal at any time, and we will include it with your profit for that month. All we ask is to let us know ahead of time, so we can move the funds out of our business, and get it to you.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.


    Scott Britt

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    Domain Name : CRJFINANCE.COM
    Created On : 2006-07-05
    Expiration Date : 2007-07-05
    Status : ACTIVE
    Registrant Name : Cattel Rick
    Registrant Street1 : Pantip court appt , Sathorn Soi 1
    Registrant City : Bangkok
    Registrant State/Province : TH
    Registrant Postal Code : TH-10120
    Registrant Country : TH
    Admin Handle : CR92919
    Admin Name : Cattel Rick
    Admin Street1 : Pantip court appt , Sathorn Soi 1
    Admin City : Bangkok
    Admin State/Province : TH
    Admin Postal Code : TH-10120
    Admin Country : TH
    Admin Phone : +66.22850169
    Admin Email : [email protected]
    Tech Handle : IN53833
    Tech Name : Infomaniak Network
    Tech Street1 : Av. de la Praille 26
    Tech City : Carouge
    Tech State/Province : Geneva
    Tech Postal Code : CH-1227
    Tech Country : CH
    Tech Phone : +41.228203541
    Tech Email : [email protected]
    Billing Handle : IN53833
    Billing Name : Infomaniak Network
    Billing Street1 : Av. de la Praille 26
    Billing City : Carouge
    Billing State/Province : Geneva
    Billing Postal Code : CH-1227
    Billing Country : CH
    Billing Phone : +41.228203541
    Billing Email : [email protected]
    Name Server : NS1.INFOMANIAK.CH
    Name Server : NS2.INFOMANIAK.CH
    Registrar Name : NAMEBAY

    If you guys want to trust someone from Thailand... go right ahead, I wouldn't.. this guy just seems to be involved with them to be pushing this too much.

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