AmityFunds is a Private Loan Program, owned and operated by Amity Tradeinvest,
a Panama Based Company.

AmityFunds is a community of People that lend funds to various projects, and we pay these
loans back to our members based on the results of each project.

is not available to the public, and you need a referrer to be able to sign up, this
basically means that you need to know someone that is involved with AmityFunds to join.

The AmityFunds team uses cutting-edge trading techniques and technology to generate high
returns consistently. To take advantage of profitable opportunities, we pursue commodities,
precious metals, and foreign exchange (spot and futures) markets,

We also place funds in various short and long term projects where profits can be very high.
Most investors are drawn to equity and debt markets, but global conditions lend themselves
to the volatility in commodities, precious metals, and foreign exchange markets that we need
in order to generate high profits.

Referral Program

Amityfunds has a very profitable referral program, of course this referral program is optional
for everybody. We pay our referring members handsomely 3% of all their referrals earnings.

This means that when someone you refer to Amityfunds makes money, you make money too.
We like to call this a reward program, because it truly is. You actually can get very well rewarded
by referring amityfunds to your contacts.

Our referral program also protects all members and Amityfunds, since Amityfunds not are available
to the general public, but only to a certain group of people.

Our statistical models reduce risk and take advantage of natural market trends.


Through our partners our clients get access to several Services and Products. We recommend
everybody to visit our partners sites, and read all the info on Secure Asset Management, and
how to secure your Assets.

These is some of our Partners sites:

WP Solution.
• A Powerful Back-office
• Your own Foundation registered in Panama
• A Single or multi Currency account registered on the Foundation in Panama
• Your own IBC registered in Panama owned by your Foundation
• A Debit card Registered on the Foundation in Panama
• Internet Access on all your accounts
• Documents and certificates on your Foundation and IBC
• Opportunity to be a referring Client and earn Sales Commission

* Keystone Interdev Inc

* Mc Ferrin & Associates

* Besbree Wellsoft
* Hatfield Oak International.
• Incorporate and manage PIFs (Private Interest Foundations)
• Incorporate and manage IBCs (International Business Corporations)
• Open Offshore Bank Accounts
• Provide Financial Payment Solutions
• Debit/Credit Cards
• Legal and Beneficiary Services
• Mail Forwarding Services
• Finanacial Education

* Global Synthesis.
• Transitions, structuring, and re-organization
• Growth, protection, and preservation of assets
• Foundation growth and development
• Humanitarian aid and empowerment project

NOTE: You can lose money in our projects, so never lend away more
money that you can't afford to lose.