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    Default What is the best way to do this?

    I have a program with experienced and more honest Admin. All marketers need the products, the cost is low (under $10) and the potential income is more than what 99% of the members in this forum earn (me included). That is not a fact, I'm just guessing here. I really think if any forum members worked this program for 6 months, they would be well on their way to earning an income they could live on. And I've been a member here from the beginning, so I know that is what we are all looking for.

    I do not want to offend or break rules, or take advantage of anyone. I just want to shout Hey everyone this will work. I'm about to bust with excitement, but if I give to much info in the wrong place, that's an woops...but gee whizz this is going to be BIG and the timing is the thing. I feel like if I chat to much here someone will slap tape over my mouth.

    Well if you are interested and want to know more just PM me.
    A 2X5 expanding forced matrix is the pay plan...only $10 a month. Leaders can earn a new car, a mortage payment, plus a monthly income! VERY GOOD!!!
    A Risk Free Home Base Business... VERY GOOD!!!

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    wow sounds good. I just shot you a PM!

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