Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

My name is Chris Evelyn. I’m the CEO of Trilogy Designs, A Ontario Canada Based Company specializing in Web Design and Hosting. We are currently in the process of seeking a select number of private investors interested in taking part in a short term investment offer. This offer is perfect for anybody who is looking to make a guaranteed return on investment. This is a serious investment opportunity. We will provide both a Corporate and Personal Written guarantee for this investment. This guarantee will state that a full return of principle will be made within 6 months and a 78.75% ROI over the course of 12 months. In addition to the above terms Trilogy Designs’ will be putting up 25% of Gross Revenue for this investment.

This is a serious investment opportunity designed to facilitate the growth of Trilogy Designs as we do not qualify for traditional financing. This is a private investment opportunity.

Trilogy Designs is seeking $50,000 in investments with investments being made in $1000 Increments. For each $1000 investment the following terms apply.

  • 100% Guaranteed Return of principle Complete with Personal and Corporate Guarantee within 6 Months from investment date.
  • 8.75% return on Investment each month for 9 months Complete with Personal and Corporate Guarantee Starting 90 days after Investment Date.
  • 0.5% of Gross Revenue Profit Sharing for a period of 12 Months starting immediately upon Investment.

This means that each $1000 investment is guaranteed to return the Principle within 6 months, 78.75% ROI over 12 months, and an additional 6% of Gross Revenues from Trilogy Designs over a 12 month period.

Currently Trilogy Designs has an average monthly sales volume of $15,000 USD.

This investment is to support the growth of Trilogy Designs through the launch of two marketing campaigns which have both been tested with proven results in the past. Those investors who take part in this opportunity can expect to see an average monthly Profit sharing of $75 - $250 USD per $1000 share owned. Total Estimated Return on investment for each $1000 Share over the 12 month period is expected to be $3862.50 USD (this includes the Principle). This represents a 286.25% ROI over a 12 month period.

This investment Opportunity is handled on a First come First serve basis. Interested parties should contact our Financial Department for additional information at [email protected] . Please only respond if you are serious. Additional information on this opportunity and our company are available and will be provided when you contact us. This includes copies of financial records, past work completed, contracts, and so on.

Signed Chris Evelyn
Trilogy Designs
Chief Executive Officer