Dorado Fund is a group of professional traders possessing huge work experience in different securities markets. The structure of our Fund presents Hedge Fund that specializes in neutral and emerging markets.

The main endowment of our Fund is the unique associates group, one of the most powerful team of experts close to each other spiritually and culturally and united by idea of creating the best high yield investment program, the success of which is wedded with the success of its clients. The interests of a client are above all – for us it is an axiom.

Period:90 Days
amount daily
$20-$1000 2.6%
$1001-5000 2.9%
$5000-... 3.6%

Period:110 Days
amount daily
$20-$1000 2.8%
$1001-5000 3.1%
$5000-... 3.8%

Period:130 Days
amount daily
$20-$1000 3.0%
$1001-5000 3.3%
$5000-... 4.0%