Lady Gaga has several French fans that are all anxiously waiting until the end of the current year so that they can catch this poker face Monster Ball spectacle in concert. The pop superstar's tour backer that is Live Nation made an announcement on Wednesday (that is going to be the 20th of October) that as far as her Paris dates were concerned, they were initially scheduled towards the end of the month, will have to be pushed back owing to the fact that there were some ongoing strikes going on in the region. The statement had also said that that as there had been no certainty regarding the fact that the trucks can make it to the Bercy for the current weekend's shows, the Lady Gaga performances that were to be held in the end of the month will now be postponed. The concert that was to be held on the 19th of December is going to be replacing the show that is to be held on the 22nd of October, whereas the show scheduled for the 20th of December is going to be replacing the 23rd of October performance. Lady Gaga has been recently announced as being the top most played musician on the British Radio in the past one year.
The poker faced singer has had major hits some of them titled “Bad Romance”, “Telephone” and of course the famous “Poker Face” ever since she appeared on the mainstream music scene in the year 2009. She bagged an award on the 19th of October which was a Tuesday. Gaga is quite popular for her bizarre dressing style. Here is the best chance to see lady gaga live performances in different cities buy lady gaga rotterdam and enjoy his shows.Lady Gaga Los Angeles