Dear visitor,

Cell-Invest is a public speculative fund run by a group of investment professionals.

We works as a corporate investor and as a forecaster of Cellular related Stocks & Business.

We mainly generate profits by investing on HighTech's related stocks options.

We propose several investment plans according to your needs :

Basic plan : daily return between 0.9 % and 2.3 %.
Advanced plan : weekly return between 6.2 % and 7.8 %.

Deposits are handled in the pool during :
- 365 trading days for Basic plans.
- 68 weeks for Advanced plans.

We'll also propose a managed account program and
savings investments plans via Short/Medium/Long Term-Deposits very soon.

- Secured Member Area -
- Direct Payouts every trading day or every Monday -
- 24/7 Support - 1% Referal Incentives -