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    Default One Week USD PROGRAM of US Treasury

    I received the following e-mail. It might favorably affect PIPS` money "locked" in banks in Asia and South America.

    US Dollars In Asian Banks

    Special ONE WEEK Program
    May 31, 2006 2:20 p.m. PDT

    Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

    I’m doing the weekly Dove Report today rather than Friday because we
    have a unique opportunity to move NESARA forward and I must tell you
    about it today as this opportunity lasts only ONE WEEK. This could
    help us move forward to being able to set the date for NESARA’s
    announcement. (I will NOT be making NESARA’s Announcement date public
    information due to understandable security issues.)

    There is ONE ACTION which will enable me to SET THE DATE for NESARA’s
    Announcement: once we have put the first $140M gift to NESARA into
    NESARA’s own trading program, at that point I will be able to set a
    date for NESARA’s announcement. This is why I continuously emphasize
    the trading programs and bringing investors into the trading programs.
    NESARA must have funds in the billions in order for us to negotiate
    the contracts for NESARA’s gold. No one owning huge amounts of gold
    bars is going to meet with us to negotiate the contracts for NESARA’s
    one million metric tons of gold unless we have funds to PROVE we have
    a way to pay for the gold.

    The trading programs are the fastest ways to generate funds for
    NESARA’s gold. We will use the first billions to make a down payment
    on NESARA’s gold and once we have the signed gold contracts, NESARA
    can be announced.


    There’s a NEW way we can obtain the interest of investors who have
    large amounts of money to put into trading programs and that is by
    helping these investors to make a large profit in a new way and then
    assist them in accessing the trading programs.

    This new way involves a special, confidential US Treasury project
    right now to “repatriate” US Dollars being held in Asian banks and
    other foreign banks and bring these US Dollars back to the USA.


    There’s a 40-50 year checkered history behind the US government’s
    actions related to US Dollars held in bank accounts in Asia. For
    various reasons, many people who hold large amounts of US Dollars
    (USD) in ASIAN banks in China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and other
    Asian countries (except Japan) have been blocked from being able to
    MOVE their US Dollars OUT of their banks in Asia.

    For example, due to this political problem between the US government
    and Asian countries, many people with US Dollars in banks in China
    have NOT been allowed by the Chinese government to move their US
    Dollars out of China. This has restricted the things these people can
    do with their money.

    Right now there is a special, ONE-WEEK program the US Treasury is
    doing to help people with ONE BILLION or more in US Dollars in Asian
    bank accounts have a way to move their wealth in USD out of Asia.

    This special US Treasury program can also be used by people who have
    US Dollars in many other countries, for example Central and South
    American countries, Australia, -- basically most countries -- except
    African countries and the USA. This program enables people with
    BILLIONS in US Dollars to buy US Treasury Bills at a 440% profit.

    The US Treasury is giving 10-year US Treasury Bills to people who have
    ONE BILLION or more in USD in Asian and other countries’ banks and
    giving them a 440% profit. The owner of the ONE BILLION or more USD
    will then surrender their USD to the US Treasury, but will have 440%
    in profits in US Treasury Bills.

    This program basically states the owner of ONE BILLION or more in USD
    in an Asian bank is BUYING the US Treasury Bills and making a 440%
    profit. The buyer designates a Western European or American bank in
    which to put the US Treasury bills they buy; this is a benefit as it
    gets their wealth OUT of the Asian and other countries’ banks which
    limit what these people can do with their money. Having their money
    in a good Western European bank enables them to do the trading
    programs and other transactions which they cannot do if their USD
    money is held in Asian, Central American, South American, and many
    other countries banks.

    The buyer of the US Treasury Bills can:
    - immediately SELL the US Treasury Bills for their full value, or
    - the buyer can hold the T-Bills and collect the interest, or
    - the buyer can put the T-bills into a trading program.

    We will help a buyer of the US Treasury Bills to put some or all of
    them into a trading program, if the buyer would like to do that.

    For example, a person or corporation who has ONE BILLION USD in an
    Asian bank account can BUY FOUR BILLION FOUR HUNDRED MILLION ($4.4
    Billion) in US T-bills with that one billion in USD. That’s the 440%

    This US Treasury program is designed to be a FAST transaction. Within
    a few banking days of receiving the buyer’s paperwork, the buyer will
    receive their BILLIONS in US T-Bills.

    The intermediaries will also be paid QUICKLY. Intermediaries who
    bring someone with ONE BILLION or more to this program will split a
    one percent fee based on the total amount of US Treasury Bills the
    buyer buys with his USD in Asian or other countries bank accounts.
    There are SEVERAL SLOTS OPEN on the intermediary fee payment line and
    I will make sure people are paid.

    For example, if a buyer uses ONE BILLION in USD to buy $4.4 Billion in
    US T-Bills, the intermediary fee on the $4.4 Billion is $44 MILLION.
    The $44 MILLION is divided among the 5 or 6 on the intermediary fee
    line. At 6 people on the intermediary fee line, that’s $7,333,333.00
    USD or $7.3 Million per intermediary. This is an example of what
    kinds of fees can be made very QUICKLY.

    If you know a person or organization which has ONE BILLION or more in
    USD in an Asian or other country bank account and you would like to
    help them do this special US Treasury program, please send an email to
    me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXt with the Subject of “USD Program” and
    give me your name and telephone number.

    I will reply and send you the paperwork you provide to the
    person/organization with the bank account holding ONE BILLION or more
    USD. You will need to forward this paperwork to them and tell them to
    QUICKLY get it filled out and returned to me and I will immediately
    forward their paperwork to the trading contact who is handling these

    I am doing this as a way to raise funds for NESARA because a portion
    of the intermediary fee will go to NESARA and will enable us to fund
    some activities we need to accomplish while we are waiting to receive
    the $140M gift to NESARA to be put into NESARA’s own trading program
    for funds to buy NESARA’s gold. There are MANY activities which could
    be moved forward with a portion of the intermediary fee from this US
    Treasury program, such as arranging meetings with the people who will
    be Presenters of the NESARA Announcement, obtaining connections with
    people who will help with NESARA’s gold contracts, and many other
    preparatory activities which can be done to ensure NESARA is announced
    at the soonest possible moment this year. This special US Treasury
    program enables us to raise funds for NESARA and do these activities
    and also to help people with USD in Asian and other countries’ banks.


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    Absolute rubbish!

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