Investments offers two different investment products:
Managed Accounts: for unexperienced investors. The funds are managed and invested by the company, and the returns are paid to the investor, as it happens in the most kind of investments offered by the banks, but much more reliable.
Self Trading Accounts: for experienced traders. offers direct connection to the Interbank via it´s exlusive platform with a large number of benefits.

Managed Accounts

Until recently, the Forex market wasn't accessible to the retail trader or individual speculator. The concept of is revolutionary about this subject. Yes, revolution because now you can get access to this same market, reliable returns and good partnerships starting with a very small amount. The investments on these accounts are handled via e-gold so it´s easy to start investing in Forex with

Managed Account Benefits

• Free registration
• No trading Commissions
• Stable returns between 8% and 12%
• Low minimum investment
• Invest using e-gold
• Returns paid directly into your e-gold account
• Referral Program
• Excellent Customer Support
• No trading knowledge required

Self-Trading Accounts offers direct connection to the Interbank with variable leverage via its exclusive trading platform. There are three different accounts for Traders: Mini, 200k and 400k. Some features of our platform are exclusive and very useful for a safe and profitable trading.
Self-Trading Account Benefits

• Free registration
• No Trading Commissions
• No set up, inactivity or software fees
• Three different accounts
• Variable leverage
• Deposit via e-gold
• Withdraw via e-gold
• Excellent Customer Support
• Forex Market News
• Highly Updated Website offers daily updated Forex Market News and Managed Trading performance updates. This allow customers to know exactly what is happening in real time and to learn how we manage the funds based on the market scenario to take advantage on the flutuation of the market. We respect our customers and we believe in a great and profitable partnership with a clear businnes concept and integrity. Visit our webpages and discover the quality of the products we offer.