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    Default 1st audited commodity based fund


    May i present you with an audited program I launched a few weeks ago and onto which much has already been written.
    It might be of some interest for some of you.

    Besides the introduction below, you will find more information in those posts:


    My name is Arnaud and my family and I (one daughter and one soon to come are located in Madrid, Spain. I currently own 2 companies, give leadership seminars and also do intraday and long-term trading.

    Being in HYIP for about 1 year, I got fed up will those scams and all (my last one being KUM!!!)... I decided very recently to create my own 10-20% per month fund and to open up my trading capabilities to others by offering this, first fund out of several future ones (Futures, Automatic Forex, Spanish Real Estate): A Commodity Fund!

    What are commodities you ask?

    Basically we are talking about investing in gold, sugar, corn, wheat, live cattle, oil, etc. The list is long, but a VERY bullish market. They are also the only markets still traded on the 'pit' (outcry market) as it was done decades ago on the shares and futures market. They are thus more difficult to trade.
    More specifically Joy Fund is dedicated to taking positions on options on Future Contracts in Commodities Market (if you would like more info, please visit my website
    I traded this kind of instrument in a past life .. for several years and started again 6 months ago, both with very good results.

    How does it work?

    Well basically, without entering in the complexity of Options Trading, if I think that a given market is going UP I will buy a CALL at a given price and wait. If I am right, I will resell it at a higher price. If I am wrong, and I arrive the end of the option I will have lost the amount I took to purchase the contract. NEVER MORE (unlike in futures).
    Here is a real life example:

    On the 23rd and 29th of December, I buy 4 SUGAR SEPT-06 CALL 1800 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected]). The amount spent for those purchases were $2 616 (excluding commissions). That is the maximum amount I would loose if before the end of August 2006, the SUGAR September Future Contract would not reach $18 or more.
    32 days later, I sell [email protected] and 34 days later, [email protected]!!!!

    $5,673 earned in a month. A whopping +217% profit.

    Joyfund's average gross performance (before fees and costs, roughly 40%) is a monthly 24%. With an average trade length of 47 days, compounding allowed me to triple my account in 4 months.

    Even if past results is not a guarantee of future performance, we can reasonably assume that investors could expect an average 10-14% monthly.

    We are talking about high growth and therefore high risks but so far there has not been a negative month (the lowest has been a meager 3%, highest has been a great 79%)!

    Unlike so many other offers on the net, this fund is based on REAL trading that is audited by Boulat. Investments will soon be held through a REAL company; the fund's strategy will be online AND offline, offering to high worth investors the same possibilities. There is no reason why...not, in years to come we can create a financial online/offline behemoth!

    I am NOT looking short term on this but more along the lines of building long term client/investor relationships, bringing MORE abundance to my fellow investors and to me and my family.

    One thing you can rely on when talking with me is: I will always have a 'No Crap'/pragmatic approach.

    I created a website which is mostly based on a forum where I hope we will be able to create a wonderful story together bringing a smile on everybody's face (including mine .

    To people that believe that life is a constant miracle and full of joy and abundance, Come visit us and take a look at Joyfund.

    If you have any further questions, I will be glad to answer them on this forum or on

    Joyfund Commodities is currently audited by Boulat(bnetwork) and Bluemax and Rabbit.
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