Hi everyone,

I had PMs and emails galore to respond to. I finally got to the forum.

Here is a weekend update from Bluepacific on data migration I thought everyone should see just incase you have not seen the FantasticPay thread.


Weekend Update


Hi Everyone

This weekend the website and it's backoffice will be down for the new software Data migrition. also our new and own Dedicated Server will be in place. After the networking data has been transfered , then the investment info for our personal investments and then those of all our downlines and when they payout.

People who have not upgraded to paid member will have to resign up on the new website. the present software and backoffice will be available for all to gather present downline info of members and contact these later. There will be a link to this site for at least a couple of months.

I'll be back Monday or Tuesday as I'm getting married today Friday the 26th.

Cheers , Kevin


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