I blame myself. Time is usually my greatest tool, yet I blinked when a friend told me of a great opportunity to make a boat load of money. I usually wait a reasonable time to observe and to do resarch on an investment. I failed to do so in this in this instance. Shame on me I guess. I told my buddy that I will officially become upset in a years time. I told him that I would not voice any negative opinions until 12-30-06. I feel that a years time should be a reasonable for proper patience to end and frustration and concern to begin.
Anway, on to the topic at hand. From the information that I have received on Talk Gold, they are a bunch of jelous investors for some unknown reason. (to me atleast) It looks as if they are more than just talk. I mean for Bryan to take such steps to make his company legitimate (UN involvement and all), it only took rumor and false statements on behalf of on TG to bring PIPS down. Now, the one company that did not have any direct affliation with PIPS is now in trouble as well. It looks as if they used the same weapon again. (False Statements and Rumor) TG is not as harmless as Pipsters make them out to be.
I want to know about them. I want someone to explain to me why these people (TG) have such wood for Bryan and his investors. Was PIPS making more money than they were? Did PIPS interupt there flow of money in some way, shape, or form? There has to be more then them just being a bunch of haters. Are they (TG) even making money at all, or are they just a bunch of randon investors that don't won't to see Bryans company because the are afriad that it would take money from there pockets. I that's the case. Don't hate the player. Hate the game. Please anyone with information on these people, respond and teach me. Even if you are from Talk Gold.

Keep fightin the good fight Bryan!!!!