The famous rapper Eminem's single titled "Love the Way You Lie" has been on the top of the Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart for four consecutive weeks now. It has been holding off a strong number third single by the famous singer named Taylor Swift. Her single titled "Mine," is the very first single that features on this celebrity’s latest upcoming music album. It had been rush-released to all the digital retailers across the globe late last Wednesday. This had been post a low-quality leakage online of the respective single.
After just being on sale for hardly four full days it managed to sell almost 300,000 downloads, which had been not only the fourth-best of the current year but the eighth-best ever in the history of music. The song had managed to top the Billboard's Digital Songs tally which had sent Eminem to the second number with his single “Love the way you lie” with sales of 281,000.
Joseph Kahn who had been responsible for penning the treatment for Eminem's single titled "Love the Way You Lie" music video that had also featured the pop sensation named Rihanna, has revealed that the recently-revealed video clip is not in any way regarding the Slim Shady or even the Barbadian songstress. Eminem who is also tagged as the "Graffiti" singer had been quick in brushing it off and the media had been told to move on to some other question. What’s more Kahn had also told the channel MTV that he was well aware of the fact that the topic of abusive relationships is not only a sensitive issue for Eminem but also for Rihanna and their ex-lovers since they had been the ones who has gone through that situation.To see Eminem rocking performances buy cheap Eminem tickets and see him live in his shows. Now a days the cheap eagles tickets is on the top but the tickets of lady gaga concerts are also avialable to enjoy rocking music.