The latest pop sensation Lady Gaga chatted with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that comes on daily regarding the appearance that she had made during an ongoing Semi Precious Weapons' afternoon that had been set at the venue of Lollapalooza in Chicago on the 6th of August that had been a Friday. On the same day that is the 6th of August the Semi Precious Weapons had cleared to the MTV News post their set, Gaga had been a witness to the respective band (that had given an opening act on her popular Monster Ball tour), and while they had been in the middle of their performance, she had stood up and walked to the stage. This is when she had started playing the drums, and had then gone on to give backing vocals before they had dived into the crowd with the respective music bandís front man named Justin Tranter.
The respective pair had been seen making out whilst they had been lying on top of the fans that had joined them on that stage, and for the poker faced singer not only had it been a liberating but also a much fun moment.
Gaga had told the media that there had been several things that had been a source of inspiration for her lately which had been inclusive of the recent overturning of the Prop 8 in California. Now a days the justin bieber concerts is on the top but the tickets of cheap eagles ticketsare also avialable to enjoy rocking music.She said that it had felt as if she had been a part of the revolution and when the gunshot had went off she had been extremely excited. Here is the easiest to see lady gaga live shows buy cheap lady gaga tickets and enjoy his rocking concerts.