The owners of AceSpace, has officially luanch AceInvest to provide its Members with an interesting and very attractive Investment Opportunity. AceInvest is strictly a "Private Members Club" and limited to 500 investment units. Below is the email there just send out to their members:
Dear Acespace members,
We are pleased to announce that we have now published our new website
www.aceinvest. biz. We are still not completely finished with the site
but you can login, check your personal details and start promoting the

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Acespace has been around online for over 2 years now. Pedro Dispenza, the founder of AceSpace is on a mission to realize his ultimate dream. The creation of a self-supporting community on the Internet, where people can meet their friends, do their business, find entertainment and communicate without ever having to leave AceSpace. Acespace many different programs ranging from telecommunication, website advertising, business investment, patment processor. The latest is the AceInvest.

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