For anyone who wants it, there is a special online 5 day FREE forex course. The trading strategy they teach is an end of day forex trading strategy meaning that once you attend the free courses it only takes 15 minutes in the evening to trade.

This will be a hugely informative course. It is suited to both beginners and advanced trading levels. This is not a get rich quick scheme but during the week you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful forex trader. The training company have also tied up a deal with a leading spread betting company who will give people a free 120 dollars when they open an account and start actually trading with their new skills. The spread betting company is happy to do this as people who undergo good training are more likely to remain as customers. It costs the spread betting company much more to get new clients than 120 dollars so they are satisfied with the deal. All details will be given when you attend the course. So I hope that helps people who might be interested in learning how to trade forex but did not know where to start. This is a FREE course and you won’t have to pay anything at any point of time.

Topics covered are as follows:

Day 1 Types Of Analysis, Types Of Charts
Day 2 Candlesticks And Trends, Moving Averages
Day 3 Support And Resistance, Pivot Points
Day 4 Putting It All Together
Day 5 The Swing Strategy Trading Plan

You can register for the forex course on the website