The popular singer named Michael Bublé has given a 21-song salute to the pop music on Saturday night at the venue of the Sprint Center where he gave a performance on the songs from the Great American Songbook and also several of his own hits. He took the stage a little after 9 p.m and told all those who had been present that this particular performance was not going to be a concert but was instead going to be a rocking party. He implemented his words and delivered an awesome performance that had his fans rocking.
He made several comic remarks, one of them being a remark regarding the Kansas Citians who seemed to be so passionate about a sport that they did not seem to care less about (the sport being soccer), had been a stark contrast to his opening number that had been titled “Cry Me a River.”
Some of the other songs that he sang had been Van Morrison’s hit song titled “Crazy Love” and Ray Charles’ famous “Georgia on My Mind.” Al of these songs had not only been well-executed, but he had sung them in such a way that it was as if you could almost hear Van Morrison and Ray Charles singing them.He played numerous more songs to his mostly female crowd that ranged from youngsters to teenagers to moms. All of them simply loved it. He also made the announcement that he was engaged and said jokingly that he had made this announcement so that the guys who had been dragged there by their dates must have been thinking, “No way. He is so gay.” But in reality the guys liked him too. The great chance to see Michael Buble live show buy cheap Michael Buble tickets and enjoy his musical shows and concerts.