Lady GaGa is a very famous pop star who has in fact topped the list of “the superstars that fans would most want to see in a Broadway show”. This attractive performer has in the past played the role of Adelaide in a high school production that had been titled "Guys & Dolls" and now GaGa fans are really looking forward to and urging the poker faced singer into taking her eccentric act to the professional stage.
Finally there is someone who simply loves Lady Gaga. Don’t get us wrong us. We are not talking about some kind of romantic love and neither Lady Gaga is having an affair or anything like that. What we are talking about is the fact that Lady Gaga is not only loved buts also adored by her fans that are scattered all across the world. But at the same time her colleagues are not very happy with her especially considering the fact that she has made it big in the musical industry in just a couple of years.
It is come to the knowledge of the press that the legendary singer Elton John has recently been presented by Lady Gaga with an antique tea set post her performance at his charity ball. He is said to have been both touched and impressed with this touching gesture of hers. It has also been reported that Gaga had also made a visit to Elton John’s home just recently and had been awestruck when she saw his collection. He had been much amused and had decided to gift her with a vintage set. Sources quote that Lady Gaga had been overwhelmed at the respective gift.To see lady gaga concerts buy cheap lady gaga tickets and enjoy her live shows.