The director for the latest Lady Gaga video is Steven Klein. It is a eight minute duration video and it has been disregarded by the respective director that his mini-movie is not much respectful to religion.
The objections regarding this video had been triggered when the video had been released hat showed the aforementioned 'Poker Face' singer not only swallowing rosary beads but while she is show dressed as a nun.
Steven Klien is an ex fashion photographer who is now a pop video director. He has given an explanation on the popular music television channel that is MTV that this video that he had created had not been intended to denote any negative feelings about religion and the aforementioned scene I the video had been a representation of the desire to take in something that is holy. Lady Gaga had also attended her younger sister’s high school graduation that had been in the current week and had been held at the Convent of the Sacred Heart that is located on the East 91st Street at the Fifth Avenue.
Although in normal circumstances this would have been a cause for celebration for the entire family and would result in much attention being showered on the graduate. But things were different and Lady Gaga took the decision that she would rub it in the face of her graduate that she is a prominent star.
Gaga also made an appearance dressed up in a very weird outfit that had been so unlike this diva. The ensemble included her wearing a beekeeper’s hat that had been paired with sheer pants. She was carrying a Chinese-takeout-box-shaped bag that had been by Chanel and was wearing “sky-high platforms” in her feet.
Back when Lady Gaga’s had been an under graduate student her class had made her an outcast owing to the fact that she had had high ambitions of becoming a star all the while when “her parents’ had been unable to buy her fancy clothes and shoes.
At the occasion of the graduation though all the graduates had been awe struck when they had laid eyes on this girl who had been once known to them as Stefani Germanotta and had been much amazed at her self confidence, her attitude and last but not the least amazed at her outfit.
Lady Gag is currently filming her new movie that had been titled Burlesque, is constantly insisting that she is much keen on giving the respective show her all, which she has been uable to do so up until now.
What is more post the release of her latest music video titled 'Alejandro', Lady GaGa has been spotted by many enjoying her free time with both friends and alcohol.To see her live in her rocking performances buy Discount Lady Gaga tickets and enjoy her musical concerts.