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    Default Adam Lambert musical broadway

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you no doubt know who Adam Lambert is even if you are not a fan. But believe me, there are tons of fans of this runner up on American Idol. In fact, the main question on the minds of most fans now is, what type of experience will an Adam Lambert concert be?
    Adam Lambert continues to amaze people with his fabulous vocals and thoroughly entertaining presentations. He has amazed people more recently by shaving off a section of his hair on the right side of his head. Reports have been a little bit exaggerated as to how much he took off, however Adam definitely took it down to the scalp over his right ears.
    American Idol, the number one top rated show is in danger. With the show ending on a low note with Kris Allen being crowned and crowd loved Adam Lambert being the loser. With contracts ending for Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, viewers are wondering what is in store for the show and its producers. American Idol, which debuted in 2002, has been number one in the ratings ever since. With the addition of a 4th judge Kara DioGuardi, the show lost a good chunk of viewers. They felt that she was the 4th wheel and a disappointment.
    There were controversy of whether Adam Lambert being a homosexual cost him the crown as American Idol and in earlier years where contestants have been given the boot due to racy photos over the internet, stripping at a gay bar, or race. This year was no different skeptics say.
    There are many components to Stage Presence. First and foremost comes being comfortable with and confident in yourself. Confidence is sexy and makes you look like a winner. You also need to be able to project your voice to the entire room and make every person there feel like you are singing to them. Fashion plays a big part in stage presence. Think of all of the enduring Rock Gods. Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger have made an art form out of stage wear. Adam has and does all of these things. He is the total package. If he can put together a strong group of musicians to create a rock band that he will be the front man for then he has a real future.
    You're going to get a wide variety of styles of music, great costumes, and probably a ton of pyrotechnics and showstopping arrangements in his concert. Bottom line is you are going to have fun! You're not just going to stand around and watch a performance but you'll feel as if you are a part of the all can see him live in his shows by buying cheap Adam Lambert tickets and enjoy his shows.

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    Adam Lambert is truly a great singer :)
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