There used to be a time sometime ago when Baby Bieber had not thought very highly of the comedian. In fact in one of the episodes of the Funny or Die, the respective comedian’s alleged alter ego that had been named “Randy” came out and claimed that Baby had been a knock-out from one of the songs that he had made. Last night at the MTV Awards Justin Bieber made an appearance. He had taken Zziz by surprise who asked him what Justin Bieber was doing there. The response had been “Here to make the girls go crazy.” And while he was saying this he took out a hairdryer which he used to blow out his famous shaggy bunch. And just that simple action had been enough to make them imagine that girls were probably going gaga in the background. It boosted Aziz’s confidence and he went off to the stage
The aforementioned 16-year-old singer, a while ago crossed paths with a brunette beauty at the venue of the Radio One's Big Weekend that took place in Bangor in Wales and had been overheard by someone telling his friends in the backstage that he thought the pop star beauty to be beautiful and very attractive and also gave hints regarding dating her.
In fact he had also written on his Twitter account that he had done an interview in which he had been asked if he wanted to work with any member of the show's line-up and he had said that he wanted to work with Cheryl Cole. See him live in his shows by buying cheap justin bieber tickets of his concerts