James Taylor is a famous celebrity who is currently working as an independent member of the AgriSearch Beef Advisory Committee. Plus he is also serving as the vice president of YFCU and is also an active member of the Coleraine Club in the year 2005. He has an honors degree in the subject of agriculture from the prestigious Harper Adams University College that is situated in Shropshire.
As the vice president of the YFCU Agri Affairs Committee (he has been on it since the year 2009) James is very knowledgeable of the 15 beef research projects that had been supported by the respective industry via the AgriSearch. Taylor has given a remarkable performance on the finale of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on the 29th of May in the year 2009.
In fact he has also been honored to give the final act on the Jay Leno's original 17-year run. In the month of September in the last year that is 2009 Taylor had given an appearance at the twenty-fourth season premiere block party that had been held for the popular show The Oprah Winfrey Show. It had been held on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. Later in the month of January in the current year Taylor had given his vocals for the American national anthem that had been sung at the venue of the NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park. Daniel Powter had sung the Canadian national anthem.
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