Although Demi Lovato is one of the busiest teen sensations around, this Disney superstar has been promoting her latest movie titled "Camp Rock 2" and is going on tour in the current season with her boyfriend named Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame, she has managed to take time out in the last weekend to have some time to herself.
Demi has recently revealed in an interview with the media that she is very excited regarding for prom! She told them that she had been home-schooled for most of her student years which under other circumstances she would have spent on the high school campus like an average high school kid. This is the high school she would have attended otherwise and the class she would have graduated with. She has given the statement that she is much excited about going to the prom with all her best friends. The reason being that a longtime ago she had made a pact with them that one day they will all go to prom together.
She always manages to draw a huge crowd wherever she goes. For instance when she arrived at the Rio de Janeiro airport there was a huge crowd waiting to get just a glimpse of her. This Disney darling is currently there regarding a concert. For the time being she is happy signing autographs and posing for pictures that her fans want with her. It has earlier also been reported, that Lovato and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame have broken up earlier in the current week. This had been when Joe had decided that things had not been working out between them the way he would have wanted. In an interview that he gave to the People magazine he expressed his feelings that after a while together he has realized that they were much better friends than a couple and that friendship was currently more important to them. He revealed that it had been his choice to break up, but he still loved her as his dear friend and that she has always been there for her when he had needed her.
Hence Demi Lovato will be joining her ex boyfriend that is Joe Jonas who is a member of the Jonas Brothers that is going to be held in the current summers.
The aforementioned couple has never gone on tour together prior to the upcoming tour and hence they are both very excited at the prospect of being together. But they are not just the only pair that are going to be present in this summer tour, but in accordance to the channel Kevin, who is another Jonas Brother is going to be accompanied by his wife named Danielle. The couple’s pet puppy named Riley is also going to be tagging along with them.Buy discount demi lovato tickets and see her in her live concerts and musical shows.