Most of you who have logged on to this site must be in search of the American idol 2010 season 9’s winner. Well let me fill you in with the latest updates because that is what we are here for.
Lee Dewyze is the winner of the American idol 2010 title. Crystal Bowersox though he is another great singer has come second, because only one person can qualify as the winner. The Lee Dewyze fans had gone crazy with excitement when he had been announced as the winner. They had screamed and shouted on the streets as an expression of celebration of his victory in the American idol season 9. There had been a difference of only two percent that had separated the winner and the first runner-up. Lee Dewyze is very happy and excited for what he has achieved. He couldn’t believe that life can change so suddenly in such a good way. One second he was still in competition next second he was the winner and an upcoming sensation that will definitely rock the world with his awesome voice.Lee DeWyze had qualified as a finalist post Simon Cowell’s request to sing the song titled “Hallelujah”. His “Hallelujah” performance is available on the you tube.
The current season also marked Simon Cowell’s last season on the American Idol as a judge. He will deifinetely be missed in the following and all seasons to come. At the grand Finale of this year they showed several short clips of the nine years that Simon has spent as a judge on The American idol.
What’s more Janet Jacksons even revealed her new sexy look at American idol season 9 Finale where she gave a live performance of her songs titled “Nothing” and “Nasty”. This was undoubtedly a great surprise.
Another singer that had given us a surprise had been Bret Michaels who also performed at the American idol finale season 9 in the current year 2010. Bret Michaels gave a live performance for the very first time post his health problems which had been followed by brain hemorrhage. Although it was Lee DeWyze who was announced as the American Idol winner but in reality it had been Bret Michaels who had stolen the show.
He is the one who is going to replace Simon Cowell as a judge in the next season of the American Idol. The rocker is at present recovering from a brain injury and also a stroke as has been mentioned above. He has impressed not only his fans but all the judges post his decision to sing on the stage on the reality show even though he had been advised against it by his doctors. Bret Michaels has been to the hospital twice in the current year. In the month of April he had to be rushed to the hospital owing to the aforementioned brain cheap American idol tickets, discount American idol tickets,American idol cheap tickets ,American idol broadway tickets.