Hi Fellow Business Partners

I have decided to offer 3 lucky individuals a refund on their
purchase price once the matrix payments roll in under me.
So they can get a
return on their purchase price beforethe
Commissions start to roll in for them. BizBuzz are getting
ready to add the huge downlines promised when this started.

That means that with just 3 members in my Country Club Entry,
I can create 3 positions in the Matrix that BizBuzz downlines
go into. And I encourage my downline members to do the same.
To make an offer to those who join under them so that they will
loose nothing while waiting for their downlines to grow.

Those who join me in this will not regret it. When I get my cut,
they will recieve a cut, returning their amount put in.
I didn't
really have the funds at the time I joined, but I took a chance
and used my cc to fund it. Nobody made me such a nice offer
to recieve a recovery price when the commissions start to roll in.

But I realize that that is what it is about for many, loosing money
continually on all the offers out there. So, if you feel better about
this offer now, please join me.

The Country Club