Todays Edition: PeraAds

It may seem unlikely to be able to receive 100% a month profit but such is the case with PeraAds Inc. This company invests in Asian debt for large returns.

You can join for as little as $50 if you can refer 5 people.

Otherwise it's $99 for the membership + $250 invested at anytime is the minimum.

You receive 10% profit a month on invested funds for the first 4 months, then 50% to 100% from month 5 onward depending on the amount you invested.

$250 invested gives you 50% a month
$500 invested gives you 70% a month
$1000 invested gives you 80% a month
$5000 or more invested gives you 100% a month

They do require you to do one thing that you probably already do but don't get paid for: rate businesses opportunities. Every time you see a business opportunity you rate it in your mind. All you have to do now is just communicate that rating to the company.

Even though this is a fairly new opportunity I have confidence in it because there is a connection with another company doing a similar investment. The other company went private 3 years ago but all reports on its performance and payout have been positive.

PeraAds will be going private and closing the door to new membership in April, maybe even eariler without notice. So be sure to get your $99 membership in before they close. You can invest your funds later.

International debit cards and offshore bank accounts structures are available so members can receive funds.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reply back.