CTG HEALTHCARE is one of the leading Healthcare group, providing cosmetic surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry Izmir Turkey together with Orthopedic and Obesity Surgeries for patients coming from all around the world. The company is based in the beautiful city of Izmir,Turkey, the capital of the Aegean region.

They offer high quality affordable Medical Services in Turkey and have served large amount of patients from both Turkey and abroad. Certified plastic surgeons & dentists with very good reputation also experienced staff are all fluent in English. All procedures are performed in the technologically advanced operating theaters of their Hospital and Dental Clinic located in Izmir, Turkey. CTG HEALTHCARE is now an excellent choice for people who are considering affordable medical services abroad. Find out more about the CTG HEALTHCARE.

Dental treatments
At CTG HEALTHCARE Group they're passionate about making you look and feel your best. Cosmetic Dentistry is now one the quickest and easiest ways to dramatically improve your looks and your confidence. A healthy, bright and white smile will take years off you! Millions of people undergo cosmetic dentistry every year to improve the appearance and health of their mouth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to conservatively restore your teeth to their natural strength and beauty.

Some of the dental procedures they can use include:

* Bonding
* Dental Crowns and Bridges
* Dental Implants
* Dentures (Full and Partial Dentures)
* Dental Veneers
* Root Canal Treatment
* Teeth Cleaning Procedure
* Teeth Whitening-Bleaching
* Tooth Colored Fillings Treatment

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey
Cosmetic surgery procedures are available for women and men. They include body surgery ranging from breast augmentation surgery, breast reductions, liposuction surgery, to tummy tucks, Hair Transplants as well as facial surgery including face lifts and nose jobs, to mention a few. Also some non-surgical treatments like,Wrinkle correction and Botox are available.

Some of the Cosmetic Surgery procedures they use include:

* Abdominoplasty-Tummy Tuck
* Botox
* Breast augmentation
* Breast reduction
* Breast uplift
* Brow lift
* Eyelid Surgery
* Full Body LiftLiposuction/Body Sculpting
* Hair Transplants
* Nose reshaping
* Thight lift
* Wrinkle Treatment

Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey
As CTG HEALTHCARE we provide a full range of orthopaedic surgery and treatments with an emphasis on personal care and excellent service. Our prices are highly competitive with surgery and recovery holiday packages available on all procedures. Our goal is to get you back on your feet and back in step with life.

Some of the Major Orthopedic procedures they can use include:

* Hip Surgery
* Knee Surgery
* Orthopedic Surgery

Obesity Surgery in Turkey
If you are stuggling to lose weight, you are not alone. Today's busy lifestyle makes a healthy diet and exercise regime a real challenge. Surgery may be considered as a last resort, but the results are astounding.

CTG HEALTHCARE GROUP would welcome the opportunity of offering you a life-changing experience and helping you to beat your battle with obesity

Some of the Major Orthopedic procedures they can use include:

* Gastric Balloon
* Lap Band
* Gastric Bypass Surgery Turkey

Unique Medical Tourism Protection Policy and After Care
CTG HEALTHCARE GROUP has just started providing a unique insurance protection to their patients and proud of being the first and only company in Turkey who is providing such a unique protection. If you consider for a travel cover that protects you abroad during and for 12 months after surgery so the Medical Tourism Insurance policy is what you need. Post treatment problems and any necessary return visits MT Insurance will ease your pain. MT Insurance policy has been designed for those persons traveling abroad for medical, cosmetic or dental treatment. For the first time, people can travel secure in the knowledge that their insurance policy has been specifically created to address the most important concerns medical tourists have. Their goal is providing the best service of care which is for not to give any reason for any kind of correction surgery but with this Medical Tourism Insurance you can make your self feel 100% in safe. If you interest in having more detailed information about the policy please ask for that. Besides their medical adviser in UK will be ready to welcome you in any time if any medical assistance needed which you wont be billed for. Their Medical Adviser who is with over twenty five years of experience in dermatology and aesthetic medicine also our consultation clinic is registered with The Healthcare Commission.


* Return flights and travel arrangements to Izmir-Turkey.
* Chauffeur service from Izmir airport to the hospital and your hotel is free of charge
* A free beautiful private room in the hospital, with qualified doctors on hand 24 hours a day is free of charge
* Recover in style and comfort in your luxury holiday hotel.
* Free after care in your luxury hotel/hospital (subject to change on patient's situation)
* Chauffeur service back to Izmir airport for your flight home.
* A comprehensive Finance and Insurance option, making the dream of cosmetic surgery even more affordable, and with added peace of mind.
* Full patient support service 24/7
* Fast efficient service - immediate treatment - no waiting lists
* To be reactive and responsive to our clients needs
* Excellent quality of service
* High speed delivery of our services
* Low cost all inclusive prices - a fraction of the cost of UK private surgery
* To provide a low risk safe environment ensuring at all times client safety and health is paramount
* Seeking excellence in healthcare
* Strive constantly to maintain the highest levels of service
* Simple Straight forward booking procedure