Argument for script developers innocence is that they provide tool intended to manage honest investment program and are not to blame if someone abuse it. Many would agree to that, but as it turns out, this is not always the truth.

I was thinking what to write about HYIPs in article for newcomers. Explaining how most HYIPs actually work is relatively simple.
But many HYIP web sites explain their business model like this:
ProgramName is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading, and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.
We all were newbies once.
Can you remember your reaction when you seen this for the first time?
More then few of us were misled to think that such program description could contain truth.

Lets look were did it originate... program owner bought HYIP script with such lie put in it as program description.
If HYIP script developers want to claim that their script is not designed to scam, they should replace misleading texts with something as simple as:
Write your business description here