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"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe" - Anatole France

Collective-Investments is a wealth generation program, comprising a collection of opportunities, resulting from one common goal. It is a means to an end for investors on a losing streak.

The program is designed for the investment novice seeking to safely and securely generate wealth with minimal risk.

The program is backed up by a diversified portfolio consisting of offline high yielding managed funds, hedge funds,Viatical investments, secure online private Opps, and minimal forex trading.

All investment work is outsourced to competent professionals, and registered investment institutions.

Collective-Investments understands the need for security and communication. Heavy measures have been taken to secure advanced features such as Auto-withdrawal and user account information. Our hosting is secured against Ddos attacks and hackers. In the interest of communication, we have a third party hosted forum, and a support ticketing system.

In its operation, Collective-Investments will be the epitome of truth and morality. Invest with confidence. We are your partners in secure wealth generation.

Investment Plans
Plan Loan Amount ($US) Daily Profit
Daily $10 - $2000 34%

Plan Loan Amount ($US) Profit After
5 day $10 - $2000 180%

Plan Loan Amount ($US) Profit After
10 day $50 - $2000 400%

Plan Loan Amount ($US) Profit After
16 day $250 - $2000 600%

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