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Fully automated

- DAILY CASH PAYMENTS paid direct to your liberty reserve account (no numbers on a screen! Only payment receipts!)
- Variable daily returns until you get 170% back.

- A unique 'strikes' system where you choose the risk & term of your investment.

- 10% Referrals, paid in cash! Instantly! On every deposit your referrals make!
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About Us:
Despite our qwirky appearance, we're actually a forex based investment, using customised expert advisor software to operate a semi automated (non-compound), technical analysis based, signals investment strategy specifically concerning the GBP:EUR currency pair.

Our primary purpose right now is to test our model on a public level. Once proven, as already simulated, the resale value of this could be quite something. But simulations don't cut it! We need real results and as many testimonials as possible to convince our buyers that this is the real deal.

* If you'd like a peak at our simulation run, you can see the report here. But this is only a 90% accuracy simulation. The live-testing is in progress as we speak (on our results page)