A moth ago , I spent several thousand dollars on a opportunity that appeared to be bullit proof as it had been up and paying for a few years. I spent my money on the afternoon of January 27th 06. the next morning I got an e-mail from a friend that this opportunity had tanked and disappeared. I contacted e-bullion immediately and told them about it and gave them all the details to my spend. Now I know a spend is final and can't be returned, however the money that I spent was put into account that had not been accessed in over a week. I have learned that e-bullion has frozen that account with my money in it . They tell me the only way to get my money back is to get a court order, and force them to give back to me. I live in California and the very few attorney's that I have spoken to have no idea how to proceed. Does anyone out there have this knowlege and would the cost of pursuing this, out way my 6K investment.. Or since the account has been frozen, and I am quite sure the Scammer won't be back to empty his account , have I given e-bullion 6k for nothing.Please PM me with any advice you might want to share. Getting over it and moving on is not acceptable so please do not tell that!