I made a purchase of six thousand dollars US into a venture that is known to us all it started with the letter K and ended with a M. I did this on January 26,2006. The next day not even 14 hours later I got an e-mail from a trusted friend telling me that this venture had dissappeared and was gone. I contacted e-bullion and gave them all of my info and K's info as well and have found out that before they ran off they left about a weeks worth of deposits in the account untouched, including my 6K. That being said, e-bullion froze the account until such time the owner comes forward with ID and a explantion as to why he used e-bullion to defraud. My problem is e-bullion will only return my money if I get a lawyer and a court order directing them to return my money period. So my question is what kind of lawyer do I need I have spoken to a few and no one knows about internet laws as it were, so any help would be much appreciated