so great so good !!!!!

It will be a reflection of the ‘real’ world and 200 Countries
will make their ‘appearance’ . All countries will have a
surface of 100,000 Acres on these Acres will rise Houses, Hotels,
Airports, Sports Arena’s, Churches, Shopping Malls, Casinos, Attraction
parks and many, many more interesting places.
People can choose to live in their own Country, but may also choose to
live elsewhere --- or in several places, you can own more than one

Total Acres
With 200 countries of 100,000 the total number of Acres for sale is
20,000,000 (20 million). The prices of these ‘virtual’ Acres depend on
the Country with the USA being the most expensive, but most likely also
being the most profitable!
In many Countries the going price per Acre is $1, but your minimum
purchase has to be $5 – buying you 5 Acres in exotic countries such
as Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Cyprus, Faeroe Islands,
Fiji Islands, Greenland, Liechtenstein, The Maldives, Monaco, Mongolia,
Saint Lucia, Samoa, San Marino and the Solomon Islands.

Inexpensive --- but Lucrative
Don’t think that low-priced acres automatically mean a low ‘ROI’. If a
Project Developer decides to build a Golf Track, Sports Arena and Race
Track in Mongolia, chances are that many ‘virtual’ tourists from other
virtual countries will fly/sail to Mongolia thus spending a lot of money
--- and this money will go partly to the landowners!

How do Land Owners earn money?
The total infrastructure of the 200 Countries in LAND 3D will be
financed by the investments the Landowners make. All countries will
have an Airport, Harbor, Highways and Railroads with Stations. The
financial and communication networks will be controlled by LAND-3D
plus several other basic services that will guarantee a solid living
Everything else that will be build into LAND-3D will be developed in
cooperation with private Project Developers, which could be
corporations, consortiums but also private persons. The revenues
generated from the exploitation of the projects will be shared among
LAND-3D, Project Developers --- and the Landowners (25%).

Life time Revenues
Monthly Revenues will grow as time goes by. A one time investment will
generate revenues for many years to come --- if it was for us to say,
all of your life! Just ask yourself this question?
What are the chances of going bankrupt if after 10 years I have not
recouped my full $5 investment?

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