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    Talking In Need of Ebay Sellers with Full Paypal Account Access

    In Need of Ebay Sellers with Full Paypal Account Access

    Hi There,. I am from europe and im interested in finding a few dedicated non USA Ebay sellers to help sell our luxury watches. We currently have to sell omega, patek phillipe, rolex, iwc portuguese watch and much more we have for sale and they are selling very quickly on Ebay. These watches are very hot. I can offer a good share of each watch that is sold on your account. If you sell one of these, you can earn from $100 - +$1000 or more.

    The watches will be dropped shipped by my provider who is overseas. We would also be able to provide that actual ad that has been developed for each watch. I only ask that sellers have 100 feedback and full paypal access or merchant account, so as the revenue will get deposited and not be held in paypal accounts until delievery or postive feedback.
    As soon the seller receive the money on his paypal account/merchant account, he should be able to send in a international bank wire transfer to my bank account in europe, whit the profits of the sell, less his commission and fees, so i could be able to pay my provider and ship the watch to the buyer ASAP. These watch will have a price from $1000 to up $7000 or more, so the paypal and ebay account of the seller should be able to work whit these amounts, whit no "limited access account problems".

    I would like this seller to be experienced and know how the whole selling and paypal process works. I will pay all the listing fees, paypal fees and take care of all the details. I really just need a seller who is open to using his account to generate money. This is a test run and if things work out well there will be other opportunities. Thanks for reading this. We look foward to partnering with you now and down the road. If you are interested lets chats and I can detail my plans. Guaranteed money per day for those who want and are willing to assist. No hard work really simple.
    I am looking for 5+ people who has an eBay seller account with 100+ feedback.
    I will e-mail you the details of what auctions to post up.
    Sales should be posted ASAP once contacted to seller.
    Quick and detailed report is required daily.
    eBay Charges: eBay seller fee will be paid by me.
    Please pm me for details (please include your ebay id) so i can check on ebay.

    Refer 2 people and the GRIP system pays for itself! Grow your income potential exponentially with GRIP's referral bonus system. You get $30 per month

    pago $10 usd p mes aos caras que ajudarem

    Para o adulto webmaster

    Guaranteed Sign Ups for Adultwebsite Webmaster "getrichinporn"

    I Work whit a company that have a hot website, where each member that sponsor new members in to his adult business, receive $30 for life plus much more by the end of each month and each new member must pay a fee each month, around $70 usd to have access to the adult industry webmaster oppurtunity.

    If you have a huge donwline and can work in the adult industry, i will pay you to jouin under me and you should invite the others in your downline to join under you and for each that join under you, you will receive from the company and an extra $5 usd from me each month,.

    I am URGENTLY looking for a COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED Service Provider who can get me GUARANTEED signups to my Adult Website Webmaster. Please note that I do not want TARGETED VISITORS ONLY, BUT PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO SIGNUP. Your duty is therefore to ensure that the people you send to the site, WILL SIGN UP.

    Basic requirements for Sign Ups:
    -Unique IP address
    -Unique E-mail
    -Unique Credit Card for age verification and join the site

    I will pay $5 for EVERY SIGNUP per month, as long as the member remains in the site. This payout figure will definitely increase if you exceed the weekly targets as given.

    At this stage, I am looking to average about 50+ GUARANTEED SIGNUPS a week, but will increase this to 100+ after week two or three, based on performance and successful delivery.

    Payment will be made every month through either Paypal or other. No upfront payments will be made and arrangements made if you want to be paid sooner for delivery of signups before the montlhly deadline.

    I am able to accurately track sign ups and statistics on a daily basis, so don't even try to think about cheating.

    I need people that has done this before and able to produce results IMMEDIATELY.

    The nominated site is completely free to join and as stated earlier, Credit Card is for age verification only.

    I am looking for committed and honest people who want to do this on a long term basis, and loyalty will be very well rewarded. When you PM me please inform how many signups you can get a week, how you plan on getting signups, and your experience. If you do not have the necessary skill or exposure to do this, please do not waste my time or your own time, as this is a serious business.

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    Fake/copy watches are not allowed on ebay. Ads are removed.

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