...really anywhere?
Do you know anyone who would like to have an au pair?
My daughter is tired of school and wants to do something else for a while. She has always LOVED Australia and would very much like to live there for a while. However, almost any country would be good, since it would give her a chance to do something else for a while. So...we were thinking that may be working as an au pair could be a way. (of course, Europe would be easiest; no work permit etc required)

She is 17 years old, loves children, and is very responsible. And of course she is very nice (hey, she is my daughter, right? (joke for those of you who know me in person))

If you know someone - or have some other idea how she could go abroad (maybe some other work if possible? She'd do almost any work) - could you please tell us? Maybe listen around if someone knows of an opportunity for her?

Hopefully someone here can help us out

Take care,