President Obama held a town hall meeting in Montana today to explain his health care plan & to put down some of the misinformation we've seen in highly publicized town hall meetings throughout the country over the past few weeks.

Town hall meetings run by democratic senators which have gotten out of hand have been shown on ********** again and again by the media. These people have every right to speak their opinion but many political analysts have cited that the meetings are littered with factless statements & false arguments.

Today, President Obama attempted to clear the air by venturing into conservative territory & explaining key details of his healthcare plan, answering important questions by average Americans and fielding a few tough ones as well.

In your opinion, is President Obama doing enough to gain support for his healthcare plan which, according to many independent analysts, would have very positive effects on healthcare in the United States, or do you think the administration is losing the battle to those who oppose the plan?

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