I got this from a friend yesterday. P2P front page ,and your accounts are accessable after a short shut down.
He also passed this on to me. make of it what you will . ---Personally I am holding out I am ahead, and in profit , but also owed a whole lot, ----

also I am in FXTF which is "system" still working ----all except for The most important part of the program. Payments are plaCED IN PENDING AND THEY ARE NOT PAYING OUT, NOR, ARE THEY answering support tickets . Just a virtual money game ever since March 23 2009. I weill no longer Promote FXTF until they begin to pay out .. BEWARE when it comes to investing YOUR REAL MONEY HERE>
If anyone wants more info and some Links of a couple of the fx programs that ARE PAYING and paying on time *lease comntact me ast [email protected].
ARVIE YOU are so Misinformed about things. LOL BOB

here is the post i recieved from my friend.
Here’s some information on p2P that was forwarded to me. I believe this was posted on MCF Forum
and I don’t know who received this letter from Paul Perrard, but thought I’d share it with you.

=0 A
Hello Friends,
I have received communication from
CEO P2P, Mr. Paul Perrard.

Here is my assessment and his letter at the end of this post.

The facts are simple enough. The salient
facts during October '08 onwards are:

a) Payments stopped being made from October '08
b) Energy Ltd had been planned to be established
c) Problems to access the STP and AP accounts
by P2P had already begun a month ago
d) Global financial situation was in doldrums and
big corporations had begun to shut down
e) Therefore delays in payments had started. The
July '08 payments were being made in October '-8
f) Certain unsruplous members had begun to cheat P2P
g) By Jan -Feb '09 members who had not received
any money against their investments began to panic,
lost their patience and began to report to the PP's
h) P2P decided to refund monies to those who were
not in profit just to establish that P2P was honest
i) PP's who saw Energy as their competitor made up
their minds to put P2P in disrepute and trouble by
not allowing P2P to access the funds in their accounts
deliberately as a result almost US Dollar 8 Million
was stuck and P2P could not carry out refunds or payouts.
j) As a result proper audit was in jeopardy
k) To make matters worse for P2P the PP's began to
make refunds to people who were not entitled
l) As members had complained to the PP's and authorities
the PP's began to be non co-operative to P2P and
0A extra co-operative to the Canadian Police investigative
m)The Canadian Police only carrried out a one sided
investigation and put the blame on P2P and had
the court issue arrest warrants.
n) Inspite of all these troubles P2P went ahead and
pulled out funds from global financial affected companies
to safe companies by Jan '09

Looking at the above facts what do we notice?

That P2P has always been honest with their member’s
funds, as they announced and began to act to start
making the refunds and payouts once the audits were

That P2P had/still has and will always have the intentions
to be honest and true to the members and others

That delays in payments were not due to the intentions
or fault of P2P, but the delays were due to the Global
financial situations and acts of Payment Processors

That the Payment Processors took advantage of the
situations to malign P2P and settle scores with P2P

That the Canadian Police investigators did not do
thorough investigations deliberately or otherwise
Because on what authority did the Payment
Processors bar P2P from accessing their accounts
and began to handle the funds which DID NOT
belong to the Payment Processors and thus
making a complete mess of the P2P bus iness.

It is amply clear that the culprits are not P2P but
the Payment Processors and ashamedly the Police

P2P has every right to stay away from being put
into such a situation where they will not be able
to bring the real culprits to book.

There are still some facts that will put the noose around
the Payment Processors’ neck and P2P will in due course
expose them and the Police investigators.

Further no scamster will write such a letter which
I received as quoted below.

All like minded people must raise their voice against
The Payment Processors and the investigators

Lastly in my view P2P will be cleared and truth shall
come out.

From:(address hidden for security)
To: (address hidden)
Subject: RE: Hi
Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 9:39 am

Hello Vijay,

This is Paul. Due to so many IMPATIENT Members who have COMPLAINED about us during this "GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS" that absolutely EVERY "LEGITIMATE BUSINESS" is facing right now and for the past 8 months or so ..... the "Authorities" along with "AlertPay" & "SolidTrust Pay" will NOT ALLOW/PERMIT us to do ANY "REFUNDS" and/or "PAYOUTS", even though between the 2 above mentioned "Online PAYMENT PROCESSORS", the LAST TIME WE HAD ACCESS into our Accounts with them, they are/were sitting on (HOLDING "HOSTAGE" !!) WELL OVER "$8 Million" of "MEMBERS' FUNDS" !?! So this "Detective Andrew Muller" that EVERYONE started to "complain" "TO" ..... NOW those SAME Members, SHOULD actually START "complaining" "ABOUT HIM" ..... as "HE" IS IN FACT a "THIRD PARTY" to "WHAT" is going (or I should say "NOT" going !!!) on "HERE" !!!

Just "PLEASE BE PATIENT" & SIMPLY wait for UPCOMING "UPDATE(S)" sometime within the next few days !!!

Sincerely ..... Your Partner(s) in $UCCE$$,

Paul Perrard - CEO
P-2-P NETWORK - Acct. Dept. – Payouts