To enhance your hyip experience, I have setup a new message board.

Take a look at it and see IF you would like to join and tell us who is paying and who is not.

It is not to replace this board, but rather to enhance your due diligence when looking for a program to join.

Admins of program that are having problems, or about to fail may seek assistance, and a plan to disolve the program can be arranged that will assure none of its members will lose.

Most everyone knows that I helped ******* the "pre-paid" phone calling cards back in the 80's and caused the cost per minute to drop 90%. Today, I am doing other things that will help resolve financial problems for others.

The board is for me to show transparency in what I am doing, and you do not have to rely on cavement to post and make comments that are unproven and just opinions. It is set up in such a way that the members tell what is paying and what is not, now some monitor where ONLY the monitor is being paid, and not the members.

I believe the board will certainly enhance one's association in the hyip arena, and what I am doing will certainly enhance others financial status and quality of life.