Hi, i'm new to the club and have yet to make anymoney so I came up with this strategy I'm confident it'll work if i just get the righ people under me-Please no responses like it sounds like a scam because it is not a scam Its a way for everyone to make money it's just I THINK its in the form of a matrix..i don't know exactly what a matrix is but the program is not just money being thrown from one to the next thiers incentive for so many customers per person-Currently i dont have a website but once we prove the strategy works I'll set up one and promote with confidence and have the high money makers possibly from this club write a short quote about thier experience.
AGAIN THIS IS JUST BEING POSTED TO GET COMMENTS AND OPINIONS if you'd like to join Awesome:) I though about putting if you don't make money I'll refund your money but since its only 8 bucks I figure you'll get it back. But hey for you guys if you join which i'm honestly not trying to ask this club yet...I'll ask you guys to join after i get approval from someone as to where to post this if i want the right people looking at it ..but for now i just want to post it to get comments.

so heres thelovely long pitch.

$8 DOLLARS! Just 8 dollars and you'll have money blasting right back at you in 8 days maybe even 8 HOURS!

The system is SIMPLE! Of course it takes a little bit of time but...so does everything. I know you are like me and have seen many of these how to make millions online crap online... SO I'M NOT PROMISING YOU MILLIONS. this is more of the Poor man's lunch money lol I mean I'd love to tell you this could make you millions and honestly it could. HOWEVER, there’s only so much you can expect from the below steps NOW IF YOU DOUBLE ANY OF THESE STEPS you'll be earning double! So do that if you'd like.(but do not change the bottom two static liberty reserve account number. AND let me tell you why I used to do alot of sells on eBay until i sold to the wrong person so now i need to get my inventory out in a different way. ...you know what I’m going to back up for a second... SEARCHING THE INTERNET FOR A MAKE MONEY AT HOME DEAL/PROGRAM/MIRACLE/RISK It really get annoying when it is revealed the thing being sold is just a e-book or a set of SUGGESTIONS on what helped them make the money (After they learned the in and outs of hundreds of web tactics but Hey You can do it too! Yeah! If you have the time to study!) So I thought "Okay how bout I just throw out the steps and offer a REAL ITEM too” (so I can get rid of my old eBay inventory and so my new customers receive a gift!)

ARE you people following me? I have a tendency to write and write and skip over my point. The point being with THE $8 LUNCH MONEY STRATEGY you will receive a gift AFTER you have 3 lines under you. This isn't multi-level marketing or ponzi or pyramid or any of those things you hear about...This is a fool-proof plan. Let me walk you through what I'm saying.

1. You join and send $1 to each LR number. PLUS an additional $2 to the lowest number(the counter) -so you spend a total of $8 measly bucks on this program. That’s $2 to the counter and $1 to all 5 LR numbers ahead of you. (Got it? Good. Now here’s the rest)
2. Next, you go through the newsgroups/forums/message boards and post this entire message on it (The general rule is post on 10 to 20 but you could post to hundreds if you want! more chains of money flowing to you!) Now you may be tempted to change the amount to $5 each so you get your cut back right away (GO AHEAD! - The plan is to raise the price anyway!) BUT BEFORE YOU POST! ERASE LR#1 move up all the numbers(Except LR#6 which is the COUNTER AND MUST STAY!) and put your LR# as LR#5 to ensure you get paid!
3. Sit back and wait for the first payment to come in...

4. ....Now lets see it from your first customers view.. He/she signs up sends the bottom number $3 bucks and your number as well as mine $1 or they send $2 to each however you chose to do it. (Obviously the higher the amount the quicker you get your lunch money BUT the lower the cost the more customers you'll grip!) That customer takes his $8 bucks and sends 1 dollar to the first account number YOURS then 1 more to the second account number MINE then $3 (or 3 all around) to the 3rd LR number (the counter). The counter (3rd number) is where this service differs from the rest. IN ORDER FOR YOU TO RECIEVE THE TANGIBLE GIFT which will be a cd or possibly a DVD. YOU MUST KEEP THE LR NUMBERS THERE. And no I’m not asking you to reach an ridiculous amount of customers (WHICH HOPEFULLY YOU WILL!) I'm just asking you have 3 lines under you - or three branches (Your customer 1-customer 1's 1st customer-customer 1's 1st's 1st customer -I'm sure i could rephrase that) the point when you have a customer with a customer who has a customer you will be entered into my list that says HE/SHE DESERVES A CD/DVD and out it'll go! ALWAYS SEALED ONES!

BUT NO NEED TO STOP ONCE YOU GET THE CD-BECAUSE ...1) you have already made $8+ back and if your customers are implementing the same strategy then you will have earned WAY WAY MORE! For instance Sam is joined by Sally Jack and Sue (3 bux there with you being Sam) Sally is joined by Judith Jerry Jax Frank Ted and Todd(wow she’s really doing good! 6 bux more -9 total(this of course is with the normal prices! remember you can adjust it!)) Now Jack is joined by lets say 10 people who just really want CDS while only paying $8 bux and just posting this ad! ( $10 bux BUT these guys want CDS remember... so their chains will be infinite! 1 person could have 100 people on there chain ($100 bucks STRAIGHT TO YOU! plus even more! from each of that persons joiners!) and then of course remember Sue?, the 3rd person you signed up she’s a hefty worker she didn’t just go after 3 or even a hundred people. She's been in the market for years and knows the people she needs to know she goes to her well watched forum and tells them the program before she knows it she has 1000+ people behind her on the program and YOU just raked in 1000 bucks! or 3,000 if you up the price to 3 for each. And each person she has under her is also making money.... Oh and you ask how long does this go...well I thought about making this go 15 links deep but then I thought NO because then the customer will be paying twice as much! So I decided lets just make it 5 links deep. You might think 5 is short, it is, but for a good reason ----you have a lower price to attract the customer and GRAB THEM!

Now let’s look at this in a likely but AMAZING scenario. Say every one of your customers is like Sally and you decide to get 5 people under you to start your chains. So all 5 Sallies have 100 join (500 bucks goes directly to you!) That’s the 2nd link now for the 3rd each 100 of these customers have 100 join them. DO you know how much that makes? If all 100 sign up 100 and they each pay JUST ONE DOLLAR to you….YOU WILL RECEIVE 10,000! Now this is just on the 3rd link we still have 2 to go! 4th link all 10,000 of those customers have 100 join… guess what we just reached ONE MILLION DOLLARS! And the 5th and final link you receive money from will then send you $1 EACH FROM 100 CUSTOMERS FROM EACH OF THOSE ONE MILLION CUSTOMERS FOR A TOTAL OF $100 MILLION NOW TELL ME THIS ISN’T WORTH YOUR $8 bucks and few hours of posting! “Oh But I don’t think I can get 100 customers under me.” Well If we start you all strive to get at least 50 customers and have the rest get 100 then we have 50 million by the 5th link! So if you get just 5 customers and each of them strive for 100 then you’ll still have 5,000,000 by the FIFTH LINK! How awesome is that?! You signed up just 5 and got 5 million but what if everyone treats the $8 DOLLAR LUNCH MONEY STRATEGY this way? Well…1st link you get 5 bucks 2nd link you get 25 bucks 3rd link you are looking at 125 bucks 4th link 625 bucks and the 5th link you are looking at 3,125 bucks. So add them all together ….You will have earned 3,905 BUCKS! By the time your FIVE chains have 5 links and they each get 5 more joined!

“BUT BUT BUT! I want millions!” SO DO I! That’s why I have decided to add some incentive FOR EVERY 50 CHAINS YOU START You will receive a free CD/DVD IN ADDITION TO EACH TIME you CHAINS GO 3 LINKS DOWN! “But why not say every 100 chains?” BECAUSE THIS WAY IF THERE’S 100 chains YOU GET 2 CDS/DVDS! –(you will be informed by email when we notice you have reached your three links down a chain and then asked what genre of dvd or cd you are looking for EVEN WHICH ARTIST!)

Okay now you’re all probably thinking “Well this sounds good and all but how can you possibly keep track of all the chains?” Simple, the LR# list below is simply cut and pasted into your memo section of the LR payment to the 6th LR# (the counter) and it will then be placed in a database and backed up to ensure nobody is missed!

LR#1- U4431176
LR#2- U4431176
LR#3- U4431176
LR#4- U4431176
LR#5- (yours) U4431176

REMEMBER LR#2-5 will stay the same – YOU JUST TAKE AWAY LR#1 and move the rest up! Then add YOUR LR to LR#5! And before we know it we are all making money! BIG MONEY!

DO NOT COPY THIS PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see above I should be receiving 5 payments while the counter receives the one payment of $3. Why is it that way? Because we are building the ground floor we are starting with just me receiving the 5 payments this time from you but next time the spot that says yours will be replaced with your LR number THAT IS THE GENERAL DEAL however, since this is the ground floor you can replace 4 and 5 with your LR number! That way you receive it twice what you’d regularly get all the way till your fourth link! How awesome is that!? AND then the people you sign up simply put their LR# in place of the LR#5 and the rest of the LR#’s will be moved up one spot while LR#1 will be erased. To put it simply your customers will pay to 5 of the same LR#’s as you but the 5th LR# he pays will to be to you! (and so will the 4th ) then when your customer posts the list he/she will have their people pay you on LR#3 and 4 while they are paid on LR#5 and I am paid on LR number 1 and 2. (that’s the 2nd link) then the 3rd link they will pay 1 dollar to you on both of your spots 2 and 3 and just once to me on 1 and once to the people on your 1st(LR#4) and 2nd(LR#5) link then on the people in the 4th link will pay you on LR# 1 and 2 and you 3 other links on the remaining LR#’s and ofcourse the $3 to LR#6 (the counter) and then on the 5th link you will be paid once on LR#1 J I think that’s enough. LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!
please don't hesitate to reply or email I'm open to feedback and concerns. I may be a guy wanting to get rich..but i'm also a guy who doesn't want to wrong anyone. I hate scams and hate scammers so you can rest assured i won't scam you PLUS we can talk about the cds and dvds you'll get free!