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Thread: Email by Luke

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    Default Email by Luke

    Hi All,

    If you studied Luke's email to all, you will find out that Luke has been telling lies to everyone. My question is why he can't be honest to tell people the money is gone and now the money cannot be returned to us due to financial crisis? What happened to all the promises he will obtain the money to pay us? Where is the next payment he mentioned he will pay us? The biggest question is "WHERE IS OUR MONEY"? Luke has been in denial that he is in the trade but where? He claimed he has signed NDA but where? So many question marks, so many implication on payout but where.

    Is there anyone here would like to voice out what happen to him now? Simple, he just tell us lies after lies after lies, excuses after excuses after excuses but where is the payout?

    I know I have been posting lots of payout issue here but when can we really have the payout???? In 2020 or 2030 or when??? There must be a full stop and end of story and please don't give us hope that payout will be made over and over and over and over again. This is rubbish!

    We must learn to voice out if not more will get into trouble.

    Voice out your concern!

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    no bad.

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