I am Greg Smith, a 65yrs old successful business man/internet guru.Haven achieved making millions of dollars online for over a decade now,I am retiring into full-time Forex trading and with the frequent request of friends,I am in a months time going to storm the internet with the most reliable and legitimate HYIP investment program. At present,I together with my 15 dedicated professional staffs are running the online spend test.We had the first batch offshore with 105 private investors which outcome was extremely successful.To be frank,what we returned as promised was a peanut to what we realised investing their money in our various activities. We invested in properties,stocks,gold, and Forex tradings. Now,due to the fact of getting my legal advisor's signature on board,we are mandated to run an online test too so as to be satisfied we can deliver what we claim to be offering.This was mandated to be out of website as our formal website name(address)tally with another Hyip investment Program name. However,haven gone back to the draw board,we are fully
ready to launching the site with the ***** new name Cashspring as soon
as we get the legal adviser's support.Why invest with us? Because we
are legally bond to pay the rate we offer to get our legal permitt to
run online. Also,we have got 14 professionals to handle your
investment in order to yield the rate we are offering.Sincerely,no
Hyip investment program can offer higher rate in a short term such as
300% in 24hrs.There are scams or ponzi schemes but you can be rest
assured we will pay the 360% after 12 business days we are offering.
We are registering in Dominica but because of getting my legal
advisor's support,we are running an off-site spend test.So,I invite
serious investors to take this life time opportunity and make some
higher returns with their money because we are bound to pay you when
we make your profit.

Investment Title:Cashspring
plans: 360% after 12 business days($50 - $500)
400% after 25 business days($600 - $5,000)
Minimum spend: $50
Maximum spend: $5,000. Please minimum of two different spends per one investor is allowed to avoid miss ups. Profit are paid directly to your e-currency account from which you have made your spend. To make an investment. Spend, please spend directly from your Altergold or liberty reserve account. More e-currencies will be added when we are fully launched on the net. Spend directly to (AG120913 Altergold or U2161504 liberty reserve) please state your plan in the memo space of your spend. For security purpose,I only offer to communicate via E-mail.please serious talks only. [email protected]. After spending,please send your batch confirmation number and repeat your plan to the above E-mail to confirm your investment and for proper record of your investment. Happy investing.