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    Default I NEED SOME HELP HERE, forum members!

    Hello and good day to you! I need some help, my partner, John, and I are partners in a construction business and we have been trying for seemingly FOREVER to get the credit lines, via credit cards, to finance the purchase of houses to rehab and resell. Needless to say, we aren't doing that well at getting the needed credit!

    What we are looking for is, simply, a business unsecured line or lines of credit. We would ideally like to get $300,000 and I have VERY GOOD credit!

    Could someone here PLEASE help John and I? I have his e-mail, as well as his cell phone handy, if you would like to talk to him, he does the work and I'm his credit partner in this project. We are willing to pay if someone can help us get the unsecured line or lines of business credit we need!

    Thanks much for your time and I hope I get some replies!

    Sincerely, A. J. Fisher

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    You say you have very good credit yet you cant get a line of credit. I dont think so.

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    Unfortunately... or perhaps fortunately, depending where one is located, providing carte blanche credit with a swift signature on the dotted line isn't like it used to be back then.

    Not with the current crisis where the category covering the most middle income or lesser individuals, just don't qualify anymore which is why Americans and some poor Canadians too are caught with their financial delemma and still stuck & owing deep into their very bottom sleeve trouser ends.... with and in horrible debts!!!

    You got to accept the inevitable, unless you are prepared to risk it and in accepting Russian-type Mafia conditions and first flying over there for the collected sum rather than just plain paper coverage.... as a credit collateral... you have little options as we can understand it from this point.

    Which again is collateral needed... but I won't be at all surprised if you don't ask: What kind of collateral with the Russian Mob?

    So, back into where U R from... the USA, its the same as with most other money-making country that lends out collateral for credit.

    I can only see the way out for you both, is start small and modest and offer up yr construction business as collateral... and since U R in the Property Construction... it shouldn't have posed that much of a difficulty unless you are non compromising or have failed to meet the "necessary" credit criteria which we are not informed or aware of (not that you need to let us know, coz thats not our concern nor business to know either.... )

    To be honest... this Forum with ROLClub is truthfully, NOT the ideal place (imho thus far) to have a financial cover gain or sought after... not with the chaps here...

    My private sector in Real Estate is successfully able to help finance Investments right up to 50% of guaranteed finance on any Property Investment in booming Thailand, we have and still are processing new ones...but NOT any from a Forum, including RC as well...

    You still need at least your own money albeit 50% or more before anything could get moving....

    I hope this helps in the perspectives.


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