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    Default Scams vs Genuine Program

    Dear All

    Day in day out, time flies but opportunity can never be caught back if you let it go. Today, a friend of mine lost more than USD100,000 in one of the program listed in several forums that claimed to be a paying programs. He started with USD40,000 and made a return of USD100,000. On top of that he top up another USD100,000 marking a rate of USD200,000 after came back from the X company.

    What have we learnt from this? Can an internet HYIP make someone richer or can internet HYIP can make someone a millionaire? The answer is all yours and you decide YES and NO, no in between the answer. I was having a drink with a friend of mine whom used to be very active in internet HYIP, no matter how good a person can spot a scam, he fall into a huge scams leading him sleepless nights and all negative factors. Why would people invest in internet HYIP? Hoping a real hope to make more $$$$ or just to waste some monies?

    I spoke to almost 40 friends who had been very active in internet HYIP, guess how many made it??? Not even 1 will make money, 99.99% internet HYIP are fake. Why fake? A National Trader whom I have met recently told me a story about the real HYIP.

    There is NO REAL HYIP activities can be carried out in the internet.... No one on this planet could get a license for internet HYIP! HYIP is meant to all Investment Banks and Financial Institution where individual is not supposed to get involved, only Investment Banks and Financial Institutions will be allowed.

    What you read in HYIP namely a few Solid Investment, Golden Rocks, Yellow Stones are all fake and they are scammers! Why risk our hard earned money when we can safe it?? Maybe someone would want to correct me that they make lots of money in the internet HYIP. Can they make you a multi millionaire??? Money is not easy to earn, easy money equals easy go money. Agree?

    Get into something more productive such as MLM, Insurance or Unit Trust. Work hard for the future, do not depend on internet HYIP as this will make you carry your worries for absolutely nothing.

    I remembered once when I was in where I have many friend telling me SI was real and is a paying programs. Some of the people I met in the forum told me they make money but today what had happened to them?? They disappear with millions, whose money? Your money was "carried" by these scammers.

    What do you get at the end of the day?? Worries, moody, down, depressed, desperation and many more. Friends, let's get something more meaningful in our life without having to depends on internet HYIP. You knew it's a fake program where not many people will make money. To become a millionaire in this arena is impossible. To become a millionaire in MLM, Insurance and Unit Trust are highly highly possible, agree?

    Don't tell me MLM, Insurance and Unit Trust are difficult, you have to learn from the successful people NOT failure. If you are sitting for an exam soon, do you asked your successful senior or failure senior? If you want to do well in MLM, Insurance or UT do you ask friends that failed or successful?

    Is your choice, Is your plan and Is your game. I have chosen to move away from this arena with immediate effect and I hope my fellow friends will be making a GOOD FORTUNE in this arena if you are planning to stay.

    Let's keep in touch at all times.


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    Good post,

    No doubt about it, most of us on this forum have learned the hard way, there is no such thing as a HYIP that will allow all to profit, there are always losers, we just don't know who they will be until the end, and by then it is too late to save people from these scams.

    Sure, some are lucky to get in first, and get out first with their profits, so no doubt, this is what keeps these scams perpetuating, some for months, some for a couple years, but never more than three as far as I can see. You will hear the same old story over and over how they have been paying for years, yet no one has ever been able to verify this, and they dump their money into one black hole after another. Hopefully those on ROLclub have finally learned their lesson, I have, NO MORE HYIP's, one was enough. lol

    Good luck to all, Mike

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