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    Default Passive income /recruiting starts mid Dec.

    I had something totally PASSIVE (ZERO Sponsoring Required, and NO it is NOT a ponzi) come across my desk which I immediately joined.
    This has the possibility of earning you over $100,000 a month with a full 4th level matrix, Which if all goes according to plan looks like it will NOT take long.
    It is a Automated SYSTEM (Downline Builder) to recruit your 3 people for you into an established Networking Marketing Company, with a REAL product.
    If any of these people that are recruited drop out the company (don't have any idea why they would) the system will fill the spot again.
    There is TWO BIG reasons why people drop out of Network Marketing companies.
    1) They cannot recruit.
    2) They are not making any money.
    This system can alleviate both of these issues. If you want to here more about it simply PM me advising me you're interested and want the full details.( USA only )
    This will NOT interfere with anything else that you are doing since it IS PASSIVE, and will NOT take any time from you!
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