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    Exclamation My Plan To make 1000$ any Tips Sugestions ?? ??


    I 'm new on Your board so first I want to say Hell !!

    My target for now is To make about 1000 $ as fast as possible and here I want to describe my Plan !!

    Firstly I want to deposit about 100 $ on Liberty Reserve account , Why LS ??cause I m do not trust egold due to my egold account became hacked about a year ago and I have lost about 200 $ ;/

    I Think to deposit all my funds in one long term Hyip like Jvothifutures lugaerinvest, minvestment . Is it a good Idea or maybe you advice to divide this 100 $ to about 2-3 Hyips and Which Hyips do You suggest for beggining ??

    Then All my profits that I will hoply earn daily I want to invest in other hyips so I don't want at the beginig any income I only want to increase my Invest potential .. Every month also I will deposit some money from my private wallet

    As I wrote I want to earn about 1000 $ cause then I want to invest about 3/4 or more of my money some Forex platform but firstly I have to learn about this type of Investments so playin demo platforms, reading books etc etc I hope I will manage to increase my knowlage and afford to make some $$ on Forex .

    So at this stage I hope to get profits from both Forex (3/4 ) and hyips (1/4 )

    Now It s time for questions :

    1.Is LS account safe . Can I deposite there Money through Bank Wire and How long it takes ??
    2.Is my plan good and can be succesfull ??
    3.What Hyips You suggest ??
    4.Maybe You have some suggest ,tips ?? Please write as much as You can I will be very thankful
    5.How long it takes to make f.e 100-200 $ of stable income with such plan Hypis esspecially ??

    At the end I want to thank to all that will post some tips ,advices , and maybe we can make here, in this topic some discussion about good invest plans some ideas to earn money etc...

    English is not my native language so Sorry for my spelling and grammar mistakes !!

    Thank You !!

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    Here are the answers
    1-- Yes l.s account is safe don't worry
    2--- Yea like your scheme and confidence
    3 Suggestion is not to get overexcited boy

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