The following percentages are roughly how much of your monthly net income should be spent on each category. good to know! :-P

* Housing: 20-30%
* Utilities: 2-10%
* Transportation: 2-5%
* Food and Personal: 12-25%

includes clothing, groceries, entertainment, dining out, dry cleaning, and hair cuts.

* Debt Repayment: 5-15%

if you spend more than 15% on these payments, you may need to make some budget adjustments.

* Insurance: 2-5%

for health, life, auto, and renter's/home owner's insurance

* Health Care: 5%

a resource for when insurance will not cover something.

* Savings: 5-10%

for unexpected expenses, emergencies, or vacations.

* Miscellaenous: 1-2%