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    Post Live HYIP Monitor (BETA)

    Hi I am the project leader of "Live HYIP Monitor".
    This project is Free/AD-Free and Free for all HYIPs.
    Everyone can sign up.

    This Live Monitor is made to prevent analyzing false statistics.
    How do we prevent you to analyse false statistics?
    Since everyone signs up you can select the people you want to analyse statistics with.
    You can simply use your friendlist or block people by blacklisting them.

    Every user can add a HYIP to his list.
    And others can see what HYIPs you are subscriped to.
    Also we added the feature to global or private chat with people.
    And a simple mailing system.

    Since the BETA version is finished you can all download it here:
    PM me any bug or new features you'd like to see!

    Ofcourse we appreciate donations!
    Best regards,

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    Joey: Actually you are not monitoring HYIP's, you are monitoring people who dare question or challenge the promises of HYIP Scam of the month. There is no analysis of any HYIP or statistics here. In short, no free exchange of facts, theories or knowledge. Just making it a place for like-minded people to have a love-in, and block out anyone that does not believe what they believe or say.

    I am not against your product, you just need to change the name to reflect what it truly is. In short you might call your promotional false advertising.

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